4 SDK's to download for use in your Unity and VR/AR projects

Our Sound for Games and Apps students have been testing and implementing the latest ‘starter development kits’ released from the biggest industry players in 360 spatialized audio. Our Sound for Games course is constantly evolving to include these new technologies and implementation techniques in current game praxis in order to make sure we sit at the cutting edge of this fast pace industry! Here are our top 4 SDK’s in contention at the moment for use in your Unity and VR/AR Projects...

Resonance Audio

This free powerful audio SDK comes from Google, born out of the Google VR SDK and released two weeks ago. Students have been using this for binaural and ambisonic implementation in test levels this week to compare and contrast the spatialisation effect against others out there.

Check the power of it in this neat video, wear headphones!



Oculus SDK

With our Oculus Rift setup here at Bristol HE Campus we have been testing the power of the spatialisation with the free Oculus SDK. We have been using this in test VR environments built with Unity. Students haven been using this for research, testing and gaming in 360 audio this week


F360 SDK

Yet another killer SDK, born out of a “twobigears.com” 3Deception SDK project, Facebook bought this company and turned it into Fb360. A free software suite for designing 360 video and cinematic VR. Students have been embedding this in Unity VR projects this week alongside online 360 videos uploads.



Steam SDK

“Go beyond HRTF” states steam with their latest SDK. Boasting features of accurate occlusion, reverb and natural sounding immersion, an easily to implement SDK which has been a popular choice for our students with 3D audio, ambisonic and baked propagation tasks we have been setting them.


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