Crafting a career in sound - Meet the industry experts and dBs alumni on our upcoming panel

Striving towards a career in the audio industry, but unsure how to stand out and land that dream role? We've curated a panel of industry experts and recent graduates to help you achieve your goal.  

The post-pandemic boom is very apparent in the audio industry. The return of live music and the opportunity to get back into recording studios has helped fuel this, not to mention the growing need for high quality audio professionals in the entertainment industry. This demand presents the next generation of producers, engineers and composers with a range of exciting opportunities. 

In support of the launch of our new Manchester campus we're highlighting the multitude of careers available and more importantly, the steps you need to take get into those roles in our free online panel on Thursday 30th June. So, let's introduce you to our panel of experts and the insights they'll be sharing on the night. 

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Oli Brand - Centre Manager, dBs Institute Bristol

Oli Brand - Crafting a career in sound - Meet the industry experts and dBs alumni on our upcoming panel

Specialising in synthesis and sound design, Oli grew to prominence in the electronic dance scene in the 90s; producing and DJing under the moniker Beaka. For the last 18 years, he has been a driving force in music production education, sharing his passion, enthusiasm and experimental streak with students around the UK. 

In recent years, Oli collaborated with Cornwall's Eden Project on an innovative installation powered by his MA thesis; The Photosynthesiser, which sought to explore how the sonification of environmental data could change how we interpret it. The installation saw Oli collecting environmental data from the Mediterranean and tropical biomes, sonifying that data into two musical streams and then inviting visitors to listen and interpret the results. 

As moderator of our panel, Oli will be drawing from his industry experience to talk about the career opportunities that await the next generation of talent and his advice on utilising education to further your ambitions. 

Chris Hughes - Manager and Head Engineer/Music Producer at Oscillate Recordings

Chris Hughes - Crafting a career in sound - Meet the industry experts and dBs alumni on our upcoming panel

Over the last 11 years, Chris Hughes has grown Oscillate Recordings from its humble beginnings into one of Manchester's best recording studios. Oscillate has welcomed an array of high-profile clients, with Chris personally working alongside the likes of The Courteeners, Babyshambles (Pete Doherty – The Libertines), Peter Hook’s the Light and more. 

With over 15 years experience as a producer, songwriter, musician, mix and mastering engineer and record label owner, Chris has also worked closely with other audio education providers in the Manchester area, giving him a unique insight into how audio graduates stand out in such a competitive field.

Joel Patchett - Sound Engineer

Joel Patchett - Crafting a career in sound - Meet the industry experts and dBs alumni on our upcoming panel

Joel has been working as a sound engineer for the last five years, formerly at Manchester's Eve Studios and now on a freelance basis. In that time, he has worked alongside artists such as Billy Ocean, King Krule, Let's Eat Grandma and The Lottery Winners to name a few.

Progressing straight from university into his former role at Eve Studios, Joel possesses a unique perspective on working with a diverse range of artists and how best to progress from education to the industry.

Emily Magpie - Freelance mastering engineer, artist & producer

Emily Magpie - Crafting a career in sound - Meet the industry experts and dBs alumni on our upcoming panel


Emily is a freelance mastering engineer, musician and producer who graduated from dBs Institute in 2021. Studying on our 1-year Access to HE course, Emily has since founded her own mastering business, working with artists such as Miya the Sun, Bex and R. Missing.

As an artist, Emily has played stages at venues and festivals across the UK including Altitude Festival, with regular radio play from the BBC. 

With experience across multiple avenues of audio, Emily will be discussing working as a freelancer; building a client list and developing yourself as an artist.

Learn more about Emily in our interview feature.

Rob Kivits, Sound Recordist and Post-Production Mixer at Omega Film Studios

Rob Kivits - Crafting a career in sound - Meet the industry experts and dBs alumni on our upcoming panel

Rounding out our panel is sound recordist and sound designer Rob Kivits, who recently graduated from dBs Institute on the Sound for Film & TV course.

Working tirelessly throughout his studies, Rob amassed a huge list of credits on a range of student and professional shorts and feature films as a location recordist, sound designer, Foley artist and dubbing mixer.

Whether it's questions on building a portfolio while at university, working as an audio professional for screen or how to secure as many opportunities as possible, Rob will have the answers.

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