dBs x ACC Plymouth students raise over £100 for Ukraine refugee taxi scheme

Taking place at Plymouth’s Cosmic Kitchen, dBs Institute and Access Creative College students took to the stage to raise money to help taxi fleeing Ukrainian refugees.

Several months ago, Andreas Evangelou took it upon himself to drive solo from his home in Herefordshire to two refugee camps, Hrubieszow and Zamosc, and taxi refugees to the nearby city of Lublin, Poland. 

Spending a month at a time, Andreas has been making several trips between the camps and Lublin a day. Since starting the initiative in March, Andreas has been able to return several times thanks to donations through his GoFundMe page

In Plymouth, just across the street from dBs and ACC’s campus is vegan cafe and bar, Cosmic Kitchen, which is owned by Gabriela Evangelou, Andreas’ daughter. After hearing what Gabriela’s father was undertaking, it didn’t take long for dBs and ACC students to get involved and do their part. 

Performing a mix of live acoustic performances and DJ sets, our students were able to raise over £100 in support of the wonderful work that Andreas is doing. 

“It was a fantastic evening,” said Gabriela after the event. “I honestly look forward to hosting a few more events like that. There was so much talent between everyone - incredible.”

“It’s nice to get back out in the wild and playing live again,” said dBs student Alex Kearney (Beelzedub). “It is a gorgeous venue and the atmosphere was beautiful. To raise money for this much needed cause is the icing on the donut!”

“An incredible night of entertainment, great music, great venue and all for a good cause proud to be part of dBs Institute,” said student James Folley.

“Myself and the band were really happy to be playing for a good cause, and it was a great opportunity for us to come together and showcase all our different talents, as we rotated instruments for the different songs. And we’re glad our original songs were so well received!” - Dan Dutt, dBs student 

“It was great to perform for such a good cause,” said dBs alumnus Harvey Jones (Inverted Walrus). “Along with a great turnout, we raised money for those in need. Hopefully we can all get back to sharing our love for music soon!"

Cosmic Kitchen

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