dBs alumnus unperson curates 1020 Radio charity compilation

Electronic Music Production graduate unperson AKA Jake Parry has curated a charity compilation for Bristol’s 1020 Radio.  

Featuring 25 tracks produced by local artists, 1020 Curated will help raise vital funds to support NHS staff and volunteers on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis. We spoke with Sean, founder of 1020 Radio and fellow dBs alumnus to find out more about the collaboration. 

A stalwart of the South West scene, 1020 Radio has been nurturing Bristol’s music culture for nearly 5 years. Championing creativity, diversity and community has always been the driving force behind the station, so releasing music seemed like a natural next step, Sean told me.

“It has always been part of the plan. Not only to be a tastemaker, but to put out music from people on the station who I personally feel are a bit overlooked. There are some really talented people around who aren’t really noticed, so we really wanted to do something to get their music out there. The only trouble was finding the time.”

Ultimately, the impetus to make this plan a reality came from long-time 1020 resident and dBs alumnus unperson.

“When this COVID-19 business kicked off, Jake sent us a big message saying ‘I want to help the station raise some money’. With the start of lockdown, I think he got the impression we were in trouble. So did I to be honest. I thought it was game over after five years. I had friends all around me losing their jobs in music. So Jake kind of pitched us this compilation as a fundraiser for the station and it just felt like the right time.”

It wasn’t long, however, before the intent behind the compilation evolved, driven by the rapidly escalating crisis. “As things developed with COVID-19, we all agreed that we should donate the money to a charity instead. Because there are people out there having a much harder time than us. It just seemed like the right thing to be doing. It feels like now’s the time to be giving rather than taking.”

For Sean, the decision to collaborate with unperson just “made sense”. His monthly show, Reflection Room, in which he explores soundscapes, ambient and experimental sounds had earned him a lot of respect amongst the 1020 team. This combined with his recent releases on Only Ruins and Negative Space meant the decision was a no-brainer. 

“Jake’s become a really credible artist in his own right – and because of where he’s got to in his career, we decided to leave all the curating up to him. He did a call out to see who wanted to contribute from the 1020 community, and because of the charitable aspect, the artists were really willing to contribute their music. We’re really grateful to them for that.”

This compilation, however, is only just the beginning. “We are already thinking about the next one, but because this one’s a bit unique, coming from a time of crisis, we don’t know the details yet. I can’t tell you much more than that, but something will definitely develop out of it. That’s for sure.”

1020 Curated: By unperson is available exclusively from Bandcamp today. The first 25 copies come bundled with a premium 350gsm print designed by Montag Freedoms. All proceeds will be donated directly to the charity ‘Above & Beyond’, raising vital funds to support the wellbeing of frontline NHS staff and volunteers in Bristol City Centre hospitals.

Support the compilation here.

Tune into 1020 radio here.

Find out more about Above and Beyond here.