dBs Productions create U+I immersive sound experience

dBs-productions-manchester-phone-app.jpgAnother amazing piece of commercial work for our non-profit pro arm of dBs Music, dBs Productions. Enabling dBs Music students to get stuck in to real-world commercial projects and briefs, dBs Productions recently developed a unique app-based audio experience for employees of U+I.

In total, 90 participants were invented to explore the sonic history of an iconic Manchester city site. Armed with our custom built smartphone application, developed in-house with with Just Add Water, participants were taken on an audio tour like no other. Binaural sound events triggered by the participant location revealed the rich and iconic history of the locations past lives through binaural 360 degree sound recordings.


Guided by timed light events and the 360 sound, each participant was able to experience a variety of sonic histories; historical archive, DJ mix mashups, and actor based recreations of historic events. Each participant experienced a different selection of stories randomly selected via the app. Head of dBs Productions, Jay Auborn explained, "Our aim was to create a varied experience, whereupon each participants may enjoy a different perspective on the sites history. This varied experience created a discussion point and perhaps, an exchange of ideas about how future developments of the area might pay homage to the local community and sites rich history.

"As ever with the dBs Production projects, a team of our pre-graduate students were assembled to oversee the production of the works. From our Bristol based Sound for Game course, students Lillie Simpson and Seb Lee developed the app software and its interaction with the sound content. Student Giorgio Cortiana provided sound design and engineering expertise whist student Peter Reddish created an original DJ mashup up to soundtrack one of the spaces on site. The script content was written by frequent dBs collaborator Saul Jeffe."


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