Want to represent dBs on 1020 radio this year? Here's everything you need to know.

Applications have just opened to host ‘dBs Presents’ – our ongoing residency on 1020 Radio. We sat down with Tugkan - our Employability and Engagement Officer - to find out more about the opportunity and what he’s looking for in this year’s hosts. 

Every year, Tugkan - our Employability and Engagement Officer - secures a fantastic range of work experience opportunities for our students, one of which is the chance to represent dBs for a whole year on 1020 radio.

Founded and run by former dBs student, Sean McGovern alongside co-founder Joelie Sleap, 1020 is a worldwide music platform that broadcasts live from its studio in Bristol. Since 2019, 1020 has been providing a platform for the dBs community to showcase its work and discuss key music industry topics via two monthly ‘dBs Presents’ shows. These shows are organised, run and presented by dBs students (two per campus) who are invited to apply for the opportunity start of each academic year. 

With applications having just opened for this year, we sat down with Tugkan to find out more about the residency, what students stand to gain from getting involved and the attributes he’s looking for in this year’s hosts. 

This will be the third year of running ‘dBs Presents’ on 1020 radio, are you introducing any changes to the format?

After a year of pre-recorded shows due to COVID, we’ll be returning to broadcasting live. Our Bristol hosts will do this via the 1020 studio in Stokes Croft, and we’ll be arranging for Plymouth students to stream their shows from one of the dBs DJ suites using OBS software.

Another thing we’re focusing on this year is providing more dedicated feedback and support. Hosts will get one-to-one time with Sean to help them continually improve over the course of the year. I’ll also be communicating with them on a regular basis to feedback on their shows to offer them any support they may need. 

What do students stand to gain from applying for this opportunity?

It’s a chance to build up a whole new skillset around producing and presenting radio shows. This is not only a great CV boost when it comes to applying for music industry roles, but it also helps students to develop transferable skills like communication, organisation and public speaking.  One of our previous hosts, Joe Valek, now has his own residency on 1020 and has featured a number of times on BBC Upload and Bath Radio.

Getting involved in dBs Radio is also a fantastic networking opportunity. Running the show is all about building relationships with dBs students across courses and year groups, in order to showcase the best music our community has to offer. You'll also have the chance to connect with artists and promoters in the local music scene, through being part of 1020. The connections you make here could foster future collaborations or serve you later in your career. That’s not to mention all the unreleased music you get access to as well!

10 radio resident stickers

1020 is home to a diverse community of residents, so playing on the station is a great opportunity to build your network

What are you looking for in this year’s hosts?

We’re looking for proactive students, who aren’t going to be afraid to put themselves out there – both when it comes to reaching out to other students, Sean and myself and presenting the show. Whilst there will be time to develop your technique each month, confidence and clarity on the mic will be key. 

We’re also looking for diligent students who are going to take the time to research and plan shows properly. Some of the most successful shows we’ve had in the past have been structured around a theme, and this takes a lot of preparation. On top of this, I’d say having an eclectic taste in music is desirable, as we want the shows to showcase many different types of music from the dBs community, as opposed to sticking to one genre. 

Do applicants need to be able to mix?

Not at all. I’d say presenting is far more important than mixing. We are not looking for students who simply want to have a mix on air. Instead, we want hosts who are going to talk between tracks, conduct interviews etc. Sometimes not being able to mix actually encourages this.

What are some of the biggest mistakes students make when applying to host dBs radio?

Not reading the job description properly or listening to previous dBs Radio shows to get a sense of what we’re looking for. I’d also say not applying at all! No experience is required, just the right attitude.

What can students expect from the application process?

All students that show interest will be invited to interview. Successful applicants will then go through a two month trial period before being offered the residency for the rest of the year. 

dBs students interested in applying for this opportunity can find more information in the work placements and internships section of the dBs jobs board. Applications close on 5th October 2021.

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