Free Software Friday - Ginger Audio GroundControl

Free Software Friday is our regular Friday feature here at the dBs blog. We dig the depths of the music production and media webosphere and discover what downloadable plugin freebies are worth double clicking each week.

We'd be the first to admit that a lot of the highlights for Free Software Friday favour instruments and effects, so we're pleased to offer a slight change of pace with something more functional. That something is Ginger Audio's GroundControl; a zero-latency audio router and virtual audio driver for macOS (Windows support coming soon). 

So, what does it do? GroundControl allows you to pass audio from one application to another, for instance recording audio from your browser in your DAW. Some of you may be thinking, well that functionality already exists with Soundflower and Blackhole and you would be right! However, what makes GroundControl an interesting alternative is that a) Soundflower does not work with the latest versions of macOS, and b) it also comes with GourndControl Cube, an additional monitoring control so you can change the output level without affecting the input level. Cube also gives you controls on selecting your ins (2ch, 16ch or 64ch), outs, mute, mono and dim. 

Setting up GroundControl is simple. If you're recording from YouTube for example, just select 'GroundControl 2ch' as your computer's output, then head into your DAW and select 'GroundControl 2ch' as your input. In the Cube app, select the same channel as your in, and then set your out to your in-built speakers/audio interface so you can hear what's being played. 

While recording from an external application is one use (with a rather obvious legal issue), GroundControl can be really useful for live streams, working well with both Streamlabs OBS and YouTube. 

If you'd like to try out GroundControl, just head to the link below and enter your email address and a download link will be sent to you. There's no date on when a Windows-compatible version will be released, but it is in the works.


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