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Innovation in Sound 2024 Featured Image
dBs InstituteMar 25, 2024 9:00:00 AM1 min read

Join us for Innovation in Sound 2024 next month!

Innovation in Sound 2024 is a boundary-pushing showcase of innovative audio experiences, immersive sound installations and live performances, produced by our third-year undergraduate students and presented at The Bristol Beacon.

dBs Institute is proud to present this year’s Innovation in Sound exhibition; a free, public showcase of cutting-edge sound art pieces and performances taking place on Thursday 25th April at The Cellars at Bristol Beacon between 12pm and 10pm.

Produced by our cohort of third-year undergraduate students at dBs Bristol, the showcase will include a huge range of innovative and experimental projects which explore the very limits of sound, the application of audio as artistic expression and sound’s integration with emerging technologies. From sound installations, immersive audio experiences, audio-visual work and experimental live performances, Innovation in Sound showcases Bristol’s young artists at the forefront of sonic experimentation.

Explaining the vision behind the annual Innovation in Sound exhibition, Dr. Emmanuel Spinelli, a module leader at dBs Institute, says, “It is an occasion to mix new technologies with a more conceptual, more meaningful approach to music-making… There is a whole industry out there based on non-commercial artistic practices that can serve to improve society, to improve well-being, to improve the way that we relate to each other, the way we live and music and sound are great tools to achieve that.”

Last year’s showcase saw our students create and exhibit incredible works including:

  • No Room For Memories: An immersive AV project that explores the sensation of memory loss through personal experiences and recognised symptoms.
  • HeartSync: A generative AV installation that uses a heartbeat to set the rhythm of a changing and evolving sound composition; responding in real-time to the unique cadence of the participants’ heart.
  • Chorus of Resonance: An instrument design that removes the learning curve between instrument and performer by taking it so far out of its original context that a similar outcome could be achieved by both an inquisitive 2-year-old and a professional musician.

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