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A photo of Mickey Zogg's
Chris MackinJun 11, 2024 10:56:14 AM3 min read

Noods Radio: Supporting the dBs Community for almost a decade

With less than two weeks left on their fundraiser, we turn to some of the dBs Community to celebrate Noods Radio and its importance in Bristol’s grassroots scene. 

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Since its formation in 2015, Noods has grown to become an institution within Bristol, and in 2021, they moved to Mickey Zogg's, cementing themselves as a creative hub in the heart of the city. In the last month, the future of Noods has become uncertain after an ultimatum from their landlord - buy the pub or get out. 

At dBs Institute, we’ve seen firsthand just how much Noods has done for so many in Bristol, especially our students. In a bid to spread the word just a little bit further in the final fortnight of Noods’ fundraiser, we spoke with four graduates about their relationship with the station and how it’s helped them in their own development. 

Natalia Mamcarczyk (Walya)

Natalia Mamcarczyk location recording

BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering alumnus
HE Lecturer at dBs Institute, Bristol

“Noods Radio has been a part of my musical journey since 2018, when I’ve been formulating my conceptual ideas working with field recording, soundscape design, and creative audio production. 

“I was really chuffed when Leon and Jack provided me with the platform to create a late night listening space for my introverted concept on the world of sounds. Throughout the years I felt my concepts that seemed naive at the time - grow, and receive resonance from the listeners and other radio producers. 

“I have met some fantastic people along this journey. Some of them have invited me to play the shows that were a highlight to my career. That quirkiness and safe support that I feel Noods allows artists to flourish is what I really feel contributes to me personally, and overall to the Bristol music community. 

“Seeing Noods travel through different venues since 2018, it was very comforting to see it grow its roots into the hub that now is Mickey Zogg's. I would really love to see this place continue and thrive for those like myself who found this space profound in artistic development.”


Gemma Patel (Gemsski)

Gemma Patel playing a show live at Noods Radio

MA Innovation in Sound alumnus
Radio host and producer

“Noods Levels has been a massive part of my radio journey. I was in one of the first groups to take part in their radio course in association with Saffron Records Radio. Since completing the course, I have been a radio host since 2021, initially hosting my show on 1020 Internet Radio. This experience then led me to my current role as a co-host with Tommy Popcorn on Ujima FM.

“Throughout my time in radio, I have had the honour of interviewing some of my music heroes, such as Skinnyman, TrueMendous, and King Kashmere. These opportunities have pushed me to grow as a producer, and I recently released my first track on Tape & Digital, thanks to the contacts I've made along the way.

“The opportunities and connections I have gained since starting with Noods Radio have been incredible and humbling. I've made lifelong friends through this experience.

“Save Noods! This radio station is at the forefront of Bristol's radio community, and we need more platforms like them that support and nurture talent.”


Adam Berwick (Berwick)

Adam Berwick in front of a DJ setup

MA Innovation in Sound alumnus
Industry Liaison Officer at dBs Institute

“Noods has not only been a creative hub for the people but a special part of the Bristol music scene for years. From running events, workshops, socials, radio, the list goes on. I’ve made some of my closest friends through Noods and I’ve been able to sonically express myself with my residency and support the music I love!”


Ed Fitzpatrick (Suze)

Ed Fitzpatrick [Suze] in his home studio

BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production alumnus

“Having a show on Noods has given me the opportunity to dig deeper into my music taste and influences, as well as champion artists who I feel deserve more recognition. I’ve connected with some amazing producers and musicians both locally and across the world through playing their music on the show. 

“Something quite unique to Noods is that their studio is inside the pub, Mickey Zogg's, which gives you a chance to get live feedback from fellow artists, music fans and other punters of the pub alike.  Losing Noods and Mickey Zogg's would be a huge loss for Bristol and the wider UK music scene.”


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