omsonic & dBs Music join forces to create the groundbreaking Stochastic sequencer

It's not often something truly innovative is produced in the field of electronic instruments. That's why we are doubly excited to share Stochastic, an innovative sequencer which has been created in collaboration between omsonic & dBs Music's Modular Research Group fellow Phineas Head. 

What is Stochastic?

Before we get stuck in we'll be using the word stochastic a lot here, so for those who don't know what it means, it basically refers to a process determined by weighting probabilities. So without further ado…

Stochastic is an ‘inspiration generator’: a sequencer module unlike any other. It responds to your probabilistic musical direction but you don’t play ‘on’ it, you duet with it by starting with the fundamental musical atoms and controlling how likely different pitch, duration, octave and transition events will be using its controls.

How does it work?

Each event Stochastic generates has its pitch, octave, duration and other features set by probability controls. You can exert as much or as little control over what the next event will be as you wish.

Stochastic Inspiration Generator - omsonic & dBs Music join forces to create the groundbreaking Stochastic sequencer

Stochastic leverages tonal harmony by exploiting its statistical hierarchy of pitches: some notes turn up a lot, some not so much, some not at all. Being ‘in’ C Major means having lots of Cs, quite a lot of Gs and Es, a few Fs, some Ds, As and Bs, but no C#s, D#s, F#s, G#s, A#s. 

Set the note probabilities accordingly and Stochastic will spontaneously jam in C Major. Shift the probabilities, and you morph the tonality, key or mode they define into new tonal landscapes.

Some History

First imagined in 2009 by Phin Head, Stochastic promised to turn 40 years of sequencing convention on its head, challenging the idea that sequencers could only either repeat a row of notes, or randomise their order. Now, a decade after its initial inception, Stochastic is set to tear up the rule book for how sequencing is approached in sound synthesis and represents a major development in the field. 

But enough of us talking about what it does, let's see what it sounds like. 



Stochastic is coming very soon, and marks the first of many collaborations between omsonic and dBs Music. For more details on Stochastic use the link below. 


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