Rewind: Our favourite video masterclasses of 2021

We're looking back on some of our favourite video masterclasses released this year, including Sylvia Massy, Sweetpea, Hattie Wynter and more. 

In spite of a year of continued restrictions in the UK, we were able to take advantage of the situation of invite more guests from further afield to share their expertise with our students. What's more is that 2021 saw the content of those guest talks move away from the more traditional 'production masterclass' affair and focus on things like mental health, inclusivity with the audio scene, utilising emerging technologies and more. 

Here are our top five that we published this year…

1. Philth - maintaining mental health and motivation

Philth - Rewind - Our favourite masterclasses of 2021Philth has been a regular feature of our guest lecture line-ups over the years at dBs - and for good reason. A renowned DJ, producer and record label owner, Philth is also very passionate about sharing his insights into how he overcomes the challenges he faces as a professional. 

In his guest talk, Philth talks about the negative impact the loss of live music had on his mental health; from losing the security of the money made from performing, to the knock-on effect that had on his creativity and motivation. More importantly, he shares the techniques he developed to offset these challenges and how he was able to turn the situation into a positive. 

[Photo credit: Chelone Wolfe]

Watch the full masterclass here.

2. Sylvia Massy - experimental recording techniques

Sylvia Massy - Rewind - Our favourite masterclasses of 2021To call Sylvia Massy one of the biggest legends of modern music production would be an understatement. Her unique and often cavalier approach to music production has cemented her as one of the most exciting professionals working today, and we were lucky enough to spend an evening talking about that very thing. 

In just over 90-minutes, Sylvia shares some of the headlines from her career in sound; from her early days as an assistant engineer working alongside Prince, to her more adventurous approaches to recording both in and outside of the studio. 

She also shares her tips for aspiring recording engineers looking to make their mark in the industry, what she considers to be the most important purchases for a personal studio, her favourite microphones and much more. 

Watch the full masterclass here.

3. Hattie Wynter - how to get into the music industry

Hattie Wynter - Rewind - Our favourite masterclasses of 2021Hattie Wynter knows a thing or two about the music industry. An experienced music marketing manager, she has worked for Native Instruments and The Halley, co-hosts the 'On Repeat' music podcast and is also a part of the team behind School of Bop; an inclusive school which welcomes children and young people from all backgrounds to explore and harness skills in modern music by creating their own sound.

In her 45-minute talk Hattie highlights the highs, the lows and misconceptions about the industry, as well as just what it is that people are looking for in the next generation of professionals and how you can present yourself as the best candidate. 

Watch the full masterclass here.

4. Thomas Webb - entrepreneurship and innovation in technology

Thomas Webb - Rewind - Our favourite masterclasses of 2021Tom Webb has done it all. Hacker, accomplished magician, video game designer, AI artist; these are just some of the incredible things that he's accomplished. Though he possesses an unimaginable amount of talent and drive, Tom’s success did not happen overnight.

In this very honest masterclass, we learn about his journey into the creative industries; from his first forays in his own business ventures to becoming a critically-acclaimed artist with exhibitions across the globe.

Tom also delves into his approach for retaining creative focus, the importance of creating for yourself and why being human is ultimately the secret of success.

Watch the full masterclass here.

5. Sweetpea - Navigating the music industry

Sweetpea - Rewind - Our favourite masterclasses of 2021With a career spanning 20 years as a DJ, radio host and also social media manager for EQ50, Sweetpea has been an integral part of the growing movement pushing for a cultural and industry-wide shift towards greater diversity and inclusion in Drum & Bass and the wider music scene.

In her masterclass, Sweetpea covers a lot of ground; discussing how institutions and organisations can work towards creating equal opportunities for women, non-binary people, the queer community as well as a greater representation of ethnicity.

Outside of this discussion, she also shares some of her top tips that DJs, producers, label owners and artists can use to develop their career.

Watch the full masterclass here.

Not every masterclass makes it to YouTube, but as a dBs student you'll have the chance to see them all. Check out our diverse range of degrees here.

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