Student stories - Aiden Morgan aka DNMO

Aiden Morgan otherwise known as DNMO is a student on the DJ & Electronic Music Production diploma course at dBs Music Plymouth who has been making some waves in the EDM world. He’s been spending some of his time out in LA and has just signed fantastic deal with Deadbeats. We caught up with him to get an insight into how it all happened...

When did you realise that your tracks were starting to get noticed?
"I think I first realised the DNMO project was taking off when I released my remix of NGHTMRE & Pegboard Nerds’ song “Superstar” in 2016. It got picked up by a ton of DJs like The Chainsmokers which definitely helped get some more opportunities."

Whats the story behind getting signed to Deadbeats?
"So I made this song called Broken with my friend Sub Urban about a year ago, and me & my managers were talking about which labels to pitch it to. We saw Zeds Dead had just launched their new label Deadbeats & decided to hit them up about it. They signed that song then asked me to remix something from their album so I flipped Neck & Neck, one of my favourite tunes on the record. After that we saw things were doing really well so they signed my new song Hollywood."

dnmo - los angeles dBs Music Alumni.jpgYou're an Ableton user, are there any plugins or synths that you couldn't do without?
"Definitely! Serum, Kontakt and Camelcrusher are my go-to for plugins. I’m also completely in love with Ableton’s operator + stock audio effects."

How was it being out in LA?
"LA was so tight man, especially the weather... 30 degree in December was just nuts. I didn't play any shows out there as I was only out for meetings and studio sessions, but I just sent off for my visa so have a bunch of cool shows coming up later this year!"

What are your plans for the year ahead?
"I can't say much yet, but I have some huge collaborations with some of my favourite artists in the game. I can't wait to announce my first few shows too as they are pretty big ones! And of course a ton of music coming out over the next year."


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