dBs Alumni launch The Granary Studio - A  Space for Cornwall's Creatives

Starting as an idea for a small production space, the Granary Studio has taken a life of its, own quickly growing into something much bigger and finding a way into the heart of the South West's creative community. 

For dBs Plymouth alumni Benny Crispin and Dan Kelly, the dream was to have a space of their own to collaborate and focus on their ever successful Two Tribes project and Milkbox Music Group label. It's a common desire for music producers to be able to work in their own personal studio, outside of their home and to have the space to expand their setup and to produce more 'out of the box'. 

The former Electronic Music Production students had discussed the prospect countless times but had never found a suitable location or property available until a stroke of luck fell upon them. Alongside his work in the music industry, entrepreneur Dan Kelly had established a number of businesses, including an ear protection outfit in a building called The Granary located in the rural town Callington, Cornwall.

Operations were located on one floor of the building while other companies filled the rest of the building. Over time, the other companies moved out, leaving two empty floors. Being the only company active in the Granary, Dan and Benny seised the opportunity to make use of the space and the Granary Studio was born.

More than a studioDan & Benny The Granary 1

Shortly after its inception, the potential for the Granary Studio to become more than 'just a studio' became apparent. With the space available to them, Benny and Dan looked at ways of contributing to the creative community in the South West, which is something they are very passionate about. 

What they built was a platform for artists to learn, create, perform and promote their music. The aim is to help musicians improve their output starting at any level from beginner to professional. As such, the Granary Studio now offers tuition, engineering, live streaming, music promotion, a chance to release on their record labels, music publishing, distribution, press shots, creation of promotional media and more. Dan said:

"Myself and my boy Benny Lau-Crispin had an idea before lockdown to make a place for producers, DJs and musicians around the South West to come and work on their art in a professional, friendly and creative space. What started out as an idea for a little studio has grown into so much more and something we are both very proud of!" 

Their mission for The Granary Studio is create to a hub for artists to gather, network, collaborate and - most importantly - create. "We want to to help artists in the South West push themselves and get international recognition for the amazing work coming out of the region" Benny told us.

Reception from the community

Granary New 3

Since the The Granary opened its doors, it's already made an impact on the music community, helping local artists like Wallis Ryan finish a number of tracks that are now scheduled for release on the Casa record label, which Benny and Dan also manage. Other meaningful projects saw newcomers like Alfie and Gabriella turn a mass of creative ideas into portfolios of finished music that Dan and Benny are also helping to promote and distribute.

To enable producers at any level to advance in their creative work is a core aim for Dan and Benny and is something team are excited to help people with.

Benny said: "A big issue with so many creative people is not having the knowledge or know-how to translate their ideas into something tangible. When we help people complete that process, the outcome is as rewarding for us as it is for them. It's a pleasure to help people in this way."

What's next?

They have big ideas for the future too and are already working on expanding into other places in the UK and eventually other countries as well. With music being so universal they plan to help as many people to achieve their creative goals as possible.

If you're a musician, producer, DJ or artist, the doors of the Granary are always open and the guys are keen for you to come and say hello.

The Granary Studio


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