The Sounds of dBs: May 2021

Each month we collate the diverse creative output of our community in our Sounds of dBs playlist to celebrate the continued excellence of our staff, students and alumni. 

For any of you reading in education, we won't need to remind you that May was deadline season. With so many working hard to get their final assignments in for the academic year, this month's curation is a little quieter than usual, but the quality of releases is still amazing! 

Bookending our playlist this month are the newest releases from Kidsonic and Groke. Kidsonic's 'Visionary' EP is another tour-de-force of infectious dnb, while Groke's 'Paradise Lost' is an ambitious concept album made during the pandemic. In between you'll find new releases from Pluvio, Hydrax and Manami, plus a new mix from Milicent.  


Want to see what else our students and alumni have been achieving? Take a look at our dedicated space on the blog for celebrating their work

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