AudioCube - An interactive audio platform with community at its heart

By Chris Mackin October 1, 2020

In a world where digital streaming, social media and now a global pandemic has completely altered..

Challenging sexism in electronic music with EMMY

By Billie Croucher September 29, 2020

One-quarter of the female-led collective Concrete Jungyals, dBs grad EMMY has become a prominent..

dBs Alumni launch The Granary Studio - A  Space for Cornwall's Creatives

By Mike Steventon September 20, 2020

Starting as an idea for a small production space, the Granary Studio has taken a life of its, own..

How important is it to have a signature sound?

By Billie Croucher September 15, 2020

You all have it inside of you. Members of the dBs Community weigh in on the importance of a..

How OSCO's YouTube channel is filling a gap in the market

By Chris Mackin September 11, 2020

Starting his own YouTube channel had always been on the cards for Ross Murphy (OSCO), but time was..

Meet the dBs alumnus reuniting Plymouth's techno community

By Mike Steventon September 11, 2020

When you live in a city packed with talented artists who are unaware of the other musicians..

An introduction to the ‘hidden art’ of dialogue editing with Aaron Kennedy

By Billie Croucher September 2, 2020

About to enter into his final year, Sound for Film and TV student Aaron Kennedy has already edited..

The Sounds of dBs Music: August 2020

By Chris Mackin September 1, 2020

Each month we collate the diverse creative output of the dBs community in our Sounds of dBs Music..

How to rescore video game trailers with Matthew Owen

By Chris Mackin August 21, 2020

Though music has always been integral to the success and immersive quality of any given video game,..

Finishing an album in lockdown with Liam McDonagh (Retrospekt)

By Chris Mackin August 11, 2020

Finishing a project is probably the toughest and most common issue music producers face. For Liam..

Refractor - How two dBs tutors are revolutionising electronic music performance

By Mike Steventon August 7, 2020

Since the birth of the synthesiser electronic musicians have encountered the same problem - too..

How to boost creativity and focus: strategies from the dBs Community

By Billie Croucher August 5, 2020

Members of the dBs community share their strategies for enhancing creativity, focus and performance.