Tutor Profile - Ben Glass

Ben Glass aka Digistep is a music producer and performer that forms one half of the internationally acclaimed outfit Dubkasm. Incredible passionate about music and technology, Ben is a highly popular tutor at our Bristol HE centre, where he teaches on the Electronic Music Production degree

Raised on his father's vinyl collection that he brought with him when moving from Brazil to the UK, Ben Glass wasn't quite sure what he was hearing, but he liked it. While soaking up the musical blueprints that would lead to the formation of Dubkasm, a young Ben was also discovering music production. 

Captivated by the Yamaha DX11 synth at ten years old, which his father had purchased - much to the dismay of his mother - his love for music technology flourished. Using the poorly translated manual, he taught himself to program the DX11, cementing the path that he would follow. 

Tutor Profile - Ben Glass - Digi dubbing at 16

Digistep dubbing at 16 years old

That love for music was constantly being shared with lifelong friend and other half of Dubkasm, Sam Howard aka Stryda. The two would constantly play each other their new music discoveries, raid record stores together and began to build the sonic identity that would lay the foundations for Dubkasm, which would form in 1994.

In the almost 30 years since that formation, Dubkasm has toured across 24 countries including Japan, Brazil, Canada and Russia. Their live show incorporates Ben's live sax and elements of soundsystem culture such as vinyl and dubplate-only sets. 

Ben 1 Boomtown Lions den

Dubkasm live at Boomtown

Offstage, the duo have put out 29 vinyl releases through their record label, Dubkasm Records, including the hit single 'Victory' in 2013, which would go onto become the biggest selling reggae vinyl release of the decade and was later remixed by dubstep legend Mala. 

2018 would see the release of 'Rastrumentals', an album that saw Ben return to his father's birthplace to create something completely unique. Fusing samba instrumentation with some of the UK's greatest reggae musicians, 'Rastrumentals' was a celebration of the sounds that had sparked the creative fire within Ben and passion project that was 7 years in the making.

Aside from production he works at Drake Music with disabled musicians, teaching with accessible music tech and pioneering the world's first accredited BTEC in Music Technology, adapted for people who face physically disabling barriers.

In addition to his long list of accomplishments, Ben is bilingual, speaking fluent Portuguese and has produced one of the finest video covers we've ever seen for George Michael's 'Careless Whisper'. If you ask him nicely, he just might show it to you. 


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