Tutor Profile - Chris Littlewood

Hugely popular with the dBs Music Bristol students, Chris is a lecturer, recording engineers, DJ, producer and the official Pro Tools ACI (Avid Certified Instructor) for the dBs Music Bristol centre. Chris started in the industry with a more electronic and DJ focus, running an online record shop and working a physical record shop for 5 years. During this time he also took charge of the dance stage at the UK's biggest free environmental festival, N-U-T, before moving to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam Chris studied and worked as lecturer for a couple of years before building a studio, called Groove Echo. This involved working with artists from the Amsterdam hip hop scene such as Raven Bros, Free Quincy, M.O. & Brakko, Bende van Ellende and many more, before eventually moving back to the UK to work with us here at dBs Music, Bristol.

Although his teaching specialism is running and recording in our fully kitted out studios such as our SSL duality and API1608 rooms, Chris's background is also as a DJ/Live artist with an expert knowledge of most of the classic synthesisers and outboard gear you can ever dream up. A 20 year collection of kit in his personal studio contains classics and rarities alike! 
More recently Chris has also been building his own new studio from the ground up, and currently working with Nigerian Grammy award winning percussionist Lekan Babalola, and many others involved in the South-West jazz scene.


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