Tutor Profile - Sam Fergusson

Currenty teaching diploma students at our Bristol FE campus, Sam Fergusson, aka DJ Frenic, has been a professional DJ for over 20 years supporting household names such as Jurassic 5, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Afrika Bambaataa, Beatnuts and the Pharcyde. His music production has brought international success, most notably in Greece where he leads the thriving beat scene.

Producing tracks for locals and legends alike recent projects have included beats on albums by Carasel, ASM and Marc7 of Jurassic 5. Most recently he has teamed up with fellow dBs Music lecture Ben Glass aka Digistep of Dubkasm fame. Their new project "Kid Campbell" has already toured some impressive venues around the UK including Bristol's Colston Hall, London’s Royal Festival Hall and The Sage in Newcastle. On this tour they teamed up with rapper and disability rights activist Billy Saga and are in plans to take their unique blend of Live Dub and Hip Hop to his native Brazil. Sam Fergusson's passion for music extends to his role at dBs Music where he brings unlimited enthusiasm to push the next generation of musicians forward into successful careers in the music industry.


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