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Behind the scenes at UDO Audio featured image
dBs InstituteJun 27, 2024 11:00:00 AM< 1 min read

VIDEO | Behind the scenes at UDO Audio

During Industry Week, UDO Audio - creators of the Super 6, Super 8 & Super Gemini - took us behind the scenes to explain how they make their synths and what makes them unique. Learn more here!

We recently invited UDO Audio, the creators of the incredible Super 6 and Super Gemini synths, to dBs Institute to talk to our students about their company, processes and instruments. In this part of their talk, founder George Hearn discussed the origins of UDO and the philosophies that underpin the company.

In this part of his talk, George Hearn demonstrated the power of UDO's Super 6 and Super Gemini synths. Learn more about these amazing instruments' features and how they sound here.

One of the secrets behind UDO's powerful synths is the manufacturing processes that UDO employ. In this part of George's talk, you'll learn how UDO make their synths.


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