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A photo inside The Depo during construction
Mike SteventonMay 19, 2021 3:00:00 PM1 min read

VIDEO: dBs meets The Depo, Plymouth's new home for live electronic music

We talk with local entrepreneurs Ben Gill-Carey and Ryan Platts about becoming venue owners, the resurgence of live music in Plymouth and their plans to involve the dBs community.

Ben and Ryan are two of the most active contributors to Plymouth's growing music scene. Known for their ever popular house and techno parties Casa, Ryan and Ben have always gravitated towards bigger and better events. Having started Casa as a side-room uni project, they continued to grow and the demand for a larger and more permanent home became the catalyst for their latest venture, The Depo. 

Situated in Plymouth's city centre close to the Millbay Boulevard, The Depo which was formally known as Crash Manor, has been part of Plymouth's night time culture for many years. Although Crash Manor was already a working nightclub, a decision was made to completely renovate and redesign the space transforming it from 400, to a 750 capacity venue, perfect for attracting bigger bands and DJs to the city. 

In the video Ben and Ryan talk about becoming owners for the first time, renovating The Depo and their predictions for a huge resurgence in Plymouth's live music scene with the dBs community set to be at the heart of the action. 

Watch the full interview below.


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