VIDEO: Hattie Wynter Masterclass | How to get into the music industry

Hattie Wynter shares her experience of finding work in the music industry and her top tips on how to maximise your chances of your dream role.

Hattie Wynter is the UK Marketing Manager at Native Instruments, co-host of 'On Repeat: The Music Podcast' and is part of the team behind School of Bop; an inclusive school which welcomes children and young people from all backgrounds to explore and harness skills in modern music by creating their own sound.

In this video masterclass, Hattie addresses the age-old question: "How do I get into the music industry?" It's possibly the most frequently asked question amongst aspiring people in sound and music, and frustratingly, no person's path is the same.

However, thanks to her own personal experiences and insights into the industry, Hattie Wynter shares a multitude of ways that anyone can maximise their chances of breaking into such a competitive industry.

Watch the full masterclass below. 

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School of Bop

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