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A triptych of images of young people working on game development at the Global Games Jam 2024
dBs InstituteFeb 20, 2024 10:26:35 AM1 min read

VIDEO: On Campus | Global Game Jam 2024 at dBs Bristol

Check out our mini-documentary of this year's Global Game Jam event hosted at dBs Bristol. 

If you're new to the phrase 'game jam', it refers to an event that brings together artists, designers, coders, composers and sound designers and presents a theme on which to create a game, usually across a 48-72 hour period. Game jams are usually set up by the local gaming community or hub, and offer a great way for like minded people to come together to make something fun. 

Sometimes, the ideas that come out of game jams turn into serious projects. Goat Simulator, Celeste and Superhot are just a few well-known examples of this. 

The Global Games Jam (GGJ) is the biggest of its kind. Hosted annually across the world, participants are once again presented with a theme on which to base their original creations. We've had the pleasure of hosting the Bristol iteration of the Global Games Jam at dBs for some years now and with the arrival of our first BA (Hons) Game Art cohort, we felt it was the perfect time to document it. 

The documentary sees us speak with games designer and host of the Machine Ethics podcast Ben Byford, and technical artist Viki Johnson, who co-organised the event; plus dBs Institute students Clara Uhlendorf (BA Games Art) and Jamie Gibney (BA Sound Design), who had never been to a game jam before this. 

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