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Video - Philth Masterclass - Mental health and motivation (featured Image)
Chris MackinMay 1, 2021 2:29:00 PM1 min read

VIDEO: Philth Masterclass | Mental health and motivation

Philth returns to dBs with an incredibly inspiring masterclass focussed on improving your mental health and reigniting your creative spark.

Philth is one of the regulars in our guest lecture programme. Possessing an insanely refined workflow and astonishingly effective creative process, his appeal expands well beyond the world of drum and bass. 

With the world in an extremely strange place, Philth is just one of many audio professionals that had to put plans on hold and adapt to the restrictions of a world in lockdown. With now shows to play, releases being pushed back and a lack of interaction with the wider world, something had to be done to mitigate the negative effects on both his mental health and motivation. 

His masterclass highlights those struggles, with a keen focus on the positive changes he made to his day-to-day and creative process, and how even the smallest of changes can have the biggest impact. If you're really struggling with getting back into music-making, this really is the definitive way to come out more hyped than ever to make new tunes.

Watch the full masterclass below. 


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