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VIDEO SERIES: Our Employability & Engagement Officer on networking featured image
Sam WillisApr 17, 2023 8:59:37 AM1 min read

VIDEO SERIES: Our Employability & Engagement Officer on networking

Check out our video series on what networking is, how to network in the music industry and strategies for connecting online with Alex Smith, a life coach and dBs Institues' Employability & Engagement Officer.

At dBs Institues' 2023 Industry & Enhancement Week, Alex Smith gave a Learn From The Pros Masterclass on how to connect with other creatives and network in the music industry to advance your skills and employment opportunities.

In this section of his talk, he explains some simple methods for standing out from the crowd when connecting at in-person networking events and on online platforms.

Being authentic when you connect with other creatives is an important part of ensuring that your networking relationships last. Here, Alex explains the fundamental principles of networking and how being honest and showing curiosity can help you network in the music industry effectively.

The idea of 'pitching yourself' can feel false and 'salesy', but it's an important way of letting people know what you're about and how your skills can help them. Here, Alex explains how to pitch yourself without resorting to an 'elevator pitch'.

If you're already in conversation with someone whose work you admire, there are ways of asking them for help and advice that could blossom into a valuable 'mentor relationship'. Alex explains how to broach the subject.

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