5 ways to stay productive during the summer break

The summer holidays provide a much deserved break from study and offer the opportunity to kick back with friends. After a period of down time has passed, we're often asked for tips on staying motivated during the summer. In answer to the questions from our community, we found 7 things you can do to stay productive during your time off. 

It's all about finding balance. The holidays are your time to recharge and relax but after a period of recuperation, that familiar itch often begins to appear again. At this point it's time to start a project and get those creative juices flowing. If you've found yourself in that position and are wondering what the best use of your time could be, here are 5 ideas to get you started.

1. Internship placements

As a student looking to break into any industry, nothing quite beats an internship. Many people land roles in organisations they have been placed at while studying and they provide fantastic networking opportunities. That mix of real-world experience, getting to know the nuances of a company and right level of challenge provide fertile ground for personal growth. 

5 ways to stay productive - 1. Internships

Luckily there are no shortage of high quality internships available for music production students and our resident Opportunities and Experience officer Tugkan Mutlu informs us that placements at big institutions like Sony, BMG and Universal Music are frequently available, among others. If there's an organisation you would like to land an internship with, a quick google search and scan of their careers page will set you on the right path.

2. Get involved with positive social causes

There are many ways you can use your passion for sound and audio to benefit the greater good, while keeping yourself motivated during the summer months. Organisations that are working towards improving inclusion and diversity in the music industry are a great place to start.

Some examples of companies to offer your volunteering services to include Drake Music and Plymouth Music Zone. Drake Music believe that everyone has the right to express themselves creatively through music and are removing barriers that disabled people can face, to open up access to music for all. Plymouth Music Zone are working with disadvantaged children, young people and vulnerable adults to also remove barriers to access while also using music as a tool to support people through harder times.

5 ways to stay productive - 2 positive social causes

There are organisations like this all over the country. Many of them are set up as charities and will welcome any help offered to volunteer and support them if you get in contact.

3. Work on your CV

Although this may seem a little less meaningful when compared to an internship or volunteering opportunity, targeting your focus towards your sound and music production CV is a very productive use of your summer time. If you've already got one, even better, you can take the opportunity to build on what you have already. Your CV should be updated regularly to include your latest experience and achievements. Although working on a CV can seem a little daunting, you'll be thankful you looked at it during a low pressure time in your schedule.

5 ways to stay productive - 3. Work on your CV

4. Networking

Although it may seem somewhat cliche, networking will always be an integral part of progression and development, especially in the music industry. It's also the one of the most enjoyable activities you can do. Go out, attend industry shows, meet ups, support local events and venues and mix with likeminded people in your area of interest. If you make the effort to talk to people, you'll be surprised with how many opportunities come your way, which in tern can lead to more creative and productive endeavours.  

5 ways to stay productive - 4. Networking

5. Competitions and live briefs


5 ways to stay productive - 5. Competitions and live briefs

The music production space is all about working on exciting projects with interesting people.  Seeking out competitions and live briefs is a fantastic way to find opportunities to get involved with artists, companies or labels you like.  Big brands often host production competitions when they release a new product like a synthesiser or sample library. Entering and winning will not only bring prestige, it'll come with ample prizes and goodies in compensation for your time.

Record labels host similar competitions offering the chance to remix their top tier artists as part of the promotion of a release. Competitions like this are a chance to showcase your skills and get a foot in the door with record labels that would usually be difficult to reach. 



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