dBs Music's Phin Head talks Stochastic Module for Superbooth Home Edition

With no physical Superbooth to attend this year, our friends at Sonicstate have been covering the most exciting advancements in the world of modular synthesis with their Superbooth Home Edition, which recently featured dBs Plymouth tutor Phin Head talking about the new Stochastic module. 

Developed in collaboration between omsonic and dBs Music's Modular Research Group, the Stochastic module has been dubbed an 'inspiration generator'.

Originally envisioned by Phin back in 2009, Stochastic is built around randomisation and probability, effecting parameters like pitch, octave, duration and other features to create some incredible sounds. 

In the video below, Sonicstate's Nick Batt talks in depth with Phin about the Stochastic module and you can hear exactly what the module is capable of.



Learn more about the Stochastic sequencer's development here. 

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