Optimistic and flexible: Our plans for the next academic year

In line with current government guidance, we're planning on delivering our teaching on-site and in-person, whilst keeping the best of what we've put in place over the previous academic year. 

We can’t wait to welcome you back to dBs for the start of the new academic year. Although we cannot be certain what the situation in the UK will look like in September, we are currently planning for a full return to campus, with a range of measures in place to accommodate any changes in circumstances. 

The health and safety of our students, tutors and staff is our number one priority. Given there is always the potential for government health guidance to change, we will continue to implement any measures needed to ensure a safe learning environment. For now though, here are five ways we are preparing for a safe return to dBs this September.

1. Practical, in-person delivery

The allocation of face-to-face learning hours with your tutors won’t change and we are enhancing elements of the curriculum to provide the best experience possible. We have increased the number of hours allocated to studio sessions to maximise your time working within our fantastic facilities.

Practical, in-person delivery - Optimistic and flexible- Our plans for the next academic year

2. Upgraded facilities

We have worked hard over the summer to improve our studios and production spaces with new bespoke desks for enhancing production workflow. We have permanently installed additional hardware, enhanced acoustic treatment and upgraded software in all studios. We are also updating our library to include additional textbooks to enhance your study options and broaden your learning experience.

Upgraded facilities - Optimistic and flexible- Our plans for the next academic year

3. Remote provision for self-isolating students

From September 2021, teaching will be face-to-face and in-person. However, we understand that there may be times when students are unable to attend sessions due to illness or self-isolation requirements. We are therefore planning a flexible approach that enables us to respond effectively to any change in circumstances. If you are unable to come onto campus for any of the reasons outlined above, you will be able to access streamed lectures and access software licenses offsite. When returning from self-isolation, you will also be given priority for studio bookings and offered one-to-one support for any practical elements you have missed.

Remote provision for self-isolating students - Optimistic and flexible- Our plans for the next academic year

4. Opportunities to rewatch and re-cap

Whilst we are thankful to be able to resume in-person teaching, our experience of online delivery was not without its benefits, some of which we planning on carrying forward into the future. In particular, we found that many students appreciated being able to access recordings of key sessions for the duration of their time at dBs as a supplement to the already extensive supporting materials on offer.

As a result, we’ve invested in a range of video capture equipment to ensure that recordings of key workshops and lectures are available to any student wishing to access them, whether they were able to make it to the in-person session or not. This additional resource will give you an opportunity to review and revise theory, concepts and techniques in greater detail, enabling you to achieve the best grade you possibly can.

Opportunities to rewatch and re-cap - Optimistic and flexible- Our plans for the next academic year

5. Extra cleaning and safety precautions

As you might expect, we’ll be doing lots of extra cleaning and scrubbing to make our campuses safe places to study and work. As well as regularly disinfecting key contact points (toilets, door handles, mice, keyboards etc.), we’ll be carefully controlling equipment use to prevent cross-contamination and minimise any chance of infection. Hand sanitiser and safety wipe stations have been installed in all workspaces for use before and after every session.

Extra cleaning and safety precautions - Optimistic and flexible- Our plans for the next academic year

Whilst there is still some uncertainty regarding the future trajectory of COVID-19, please be assured we are dedicated to maintaining an exceptional student experience, whatever position we find ourselves in this September. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a member of our admissions team.

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