Manchester’s game & tech boom is good news for dBs Manchester

Ahead of the launch of dBs Manchester - in the heart of the city’s NOMA district - we take a look behind the scenes of Manchester’s tech boom and examine why it’s good news for our students.

Silicon Valley is widely regarded as the high-tech capital of the world; an area of the American West Coast where autonomous cars pootle around San Franciscan hills and artificial intelligence soaks up information by the millisecond. However, on this side of the Atlantic, Manchester has become the fastest-growing tech city in Europe and the capital of technological innovation in the UK as it replicates its vital role in the Industrial Revolution, but for the modern-day.

Our technology sector is consistently one of the most vibrant, innovative, growing and impressive industries in the UK as well as globally. Of the cities and regions in the UK that are most associated with the tech industry, Manchester is outperforming them all. To illustrate the speed with which Manchester has risen to become a tech behemoth, in 2018 the city received just £48m worth of investment into the tech sector, however, within one year, the investment had increased by 277% to over £181m.

Man using a VR headsetAs well as being home to big beasts like The Hut Group, Manchester is also the home to countless start-ups - companies that are always looking for hungry and young talent ripe to be plucked from university. With lower running costs, great transport networks and a wealth of young and creative people looking for work, smaller businesses have been flocking to Manchester.

As well as this, there is a more equal balance between supply and demand when it comes to job opportunities and the talent available in Manchester, so you won’t find yourself batting away countless other students for the same job listings. Of course, this equilibrium is unlikely to sustain forever, but it shows a city that still has plenty of opportunities for the foreseeable future.

As well as playing host to some of the most exciting digital tech companies in the UK, Manchester also has a thriving gaming scene. For those of you who are interested in our Game Development: Programming and Game Development: Art courses - available to study at either our Manchester or Bristol campuses - the growth of the gaming industry and community in Manchester is excellent news. 

As you progress through our degree courses, working in facilities and learning techniques that mirror the industry when you leave us, there will be ample opportunities to get real-world experience as you study. Having numerous businesses and communities on your doorstep will ensure that you can make local networking connections and improve your chances of getting a job as soon as you leave dBs.

student playing a game on a PC at universityGame development studios d3t, based in nearby Cheshire, and Cloud Imperium - which has its UK headquarters in Manchester - are both examples of incredibly exciting studios that have made their home in the North West and are continuing to grow. Alongside other burgeoning developers, including Fabrik, Manchester also has a thriving gaming community, with Gameopolis and FORMAT Manchester helping to connect young talent to each other as well as to the city’s best studios. 

We had representatives from FORMAT, d3t and Cloud Imperium at our recent online panel event helping young upstarts and students make their own way into the gaming industry. If you’d like to watch our event back in full, you can do so here!

We’ve decided to open our new home in Manchester because of its long and rich history in the world of music and sound, but also for the pace with which the city is growing in the world of digital technology, sound and game. 

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Learn more about Manchester at our open day event taking place on Saturday 16th July, visit our campus page or find out more about our excellent undergraduate or postgraduate degrees starting at dBs Manchester this September!

A photo collage including a eurorack synth, a female student wearing a Playstation virtual reality headset, two students using a Ableton Push 2 controller, a tutor and students using a mixing console and a student behind a Korg MS-20 synth