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A collage of stills from various events at dBs Institute
Chris MackinDec 19, 2023 3:46:00 PM< 1 min read

Rewind 2023: Looking back on an incredible year at dBs Institute

From impressive student projects, unforgettable events and inspiring guest lectures, 2023 had a lot going on for it…

With so many stories to tell within our tight-knit community that push the boundaries of sound and digital technologies, 2023 was the year ​​that we truly dedicated ourselves to documenting as much as possible at dBs Institute. 

The result? Over 100 new videos on our YouTube channel, from mini-documentaries that follow the progress of our student’s projects, video recaps of the events we’ve hosted over the year, and a huge amount of edits from our many guest lectures full of expert advice and professional insights. 

Check out the highlights…

Student Stories / dBs Innovates

dBs Events

Guest lectures and Masterclasses

Don’t stop at our highlight reels. There’s so much free content available over on our YouTube channel to inspire you with new ideas and creative techniques, give you insights into the creative industries and much more. 

dBs Tutorials Playlist
Learn From The Pros Playlist
Student Stories Playlist
dBs Innovates Playlist

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