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A collage of artwork from tracks released by the dBs Community in 2023
Chris MackinDec 19, 2023 11:13:09 AM1 min read

The Soundtrack of 2023: A year of amazing music from the dBs Community

With our largest number of Track of the Week spotlights to date, we’re celebrating an amazing year of new music from the dBs Community. 

Track of the Week began at dBs Institute in 2020. Partially a result of wanting to retain that connection with our students and alumni in the midst of a global pandemic, but mainly as a way to champion the diversity of music being created from across our campuses. 

As we round out 2023, we’re celebrating our best year yet after showcasing 42 different releases from students and alumni across our Bristol, Manchester and Plymouth campuses. Spanning multiple genres of music, it’s been an absolute joy to hear what our community is producing and we’re continuously bowled over by their creativity and the quality of their work. 

While not all are available on Spotify, we’ve compiled 35 tracks from this year for you to enjoy. Many of them form part of bigger releases, so don’t stop at just one! 

We’ve already got several releases lined up for Track of the Week in 2024, so be sure to stay tuned to our social channels for more fantastic music.

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