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Discover the latest from the dBs Community & the creative industries.
Sam WillisDec 18, 2023 3:17:49 PM4 min read

What's been updated at dBs Institute in 2023

At dBs Institute, we’re always improving to ensure the best possible experience for our ...
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Sam WillisDec 18, 2023 3:17:11 PM6 min read

dBs Pro in 2023: A year of incredible projects

dBs Pro, dBs Institute's in-house creative studio, which provides work experience ...
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dBs InstituteDec 5, 2023 11:22:13 AM1 min read

dBs Plymouth students showcase their music at Strobe

dBs Institute students and Access Creative College are hosting a club night at Strobe ...
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Chris MackinNov 6, 2023 2:52:55 PM8 min read

Game sound grad Tom Smart on crafting realistic audio for ‘Hell Let Loose’

After joining Expression Games in May 2023, we caught up with Sound for Games & Apps ...
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dBs InstituteNov 1, 2023 8:00:00 AM2 min read

dBs Institute and New Century's Live Sound Scholarship in Manchester

We’re thrilled to announce the New Century Manchester Scholarship - which offers a ...
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dBs InstituteOct 16, 2023 9:00:00 AM< 1 min read

VIDEO: How to release music, get booked for gigs and build a community

Check out our video with Bristol's Alex Smiler and Sean Barber - part of the local ...
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Sam WillisOct 12, 2023 12:12:46 PM4 min read

Dolby Atmos mixing arrives at dBs Plymouth

dBs Institute in Plymouth is the latest campus to install a brand-new Dolby Atmos suite, ...
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Sam WillisOct 6, 2023 12:47:00 PM< 1 min read

VIDEO: Jodie turns her DJ sets into live electronic music performances

dBs Institute Bristol's Jodie Doherty is taking her tracks from the studio to the stage ...
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Chris MackinOct 5, 2023 9:42:05 AM5 min read

Velocetech: How a t-shirt competition led to sets at Ministry of Sound

dBs Plymouth student Connor Townsend (Velocetech) heads to Ministry of Sound to join a ...
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Sam WillisOct 5, 2023 9:00:00 AM2 min read

Josh Hayes: A dBs graduate creating free sounds for film composers

dBs Institute graduate Josh Hayes has started making digital instruments for Decent ...
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Sam WillisOct 4, 2023 12:04:17 PM15 min read

The making of Muntjac

Inspired by the fantastical worlds of Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, Muntjac ...
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Sam WillisOct 1, 2023 11:33:00 AM< 1 min read

VIDEO: Jeremy’s Ableton Push 2 collaborative performance

In this Student Story, we highlight Jeremy Panoussopoulos's Ableton Push 2 collaborative ...
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