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A photo from Tikoda's headline show at Dareshack
dBs InstituteJul 25, 2023 6:14:00 PM1 min read

VIDEO: Tikoda: Creating immersive audiovisual experiences for the dance floor

dBs Institute MA Innovation in Sound student Theo Porter-Passingham - AKA Tikoda - discusses their Master's project that creates immersive audiovisual experiences for the dance floor, combining immersive audio, audio-reactive lighting and audio-reactive visuals.

Using their original electronic music compositions as the foundation, Theo was enamoured by the idea of a more immersive live listening experience and so embarked on a journey to produce something special. 

Utilising the 8.1 spatial audio lab at dBs Institute Bristol and close collaboration with visual and lighting artists, as well as immersive venue Dareshack, Theo went through multiple iterations of their project before an unforgettable headline show. 

We were lucky enough to document the process every step of the way, and we hope you're able to enjoy seeing Theo's creative process and refinement over the course of their time studying the MA. 

Watch the full video now!

Theo Porter-Passingham: "Doing a Master's really, if you're fortunate enough, allows you time to go so deep into stuff and that's where like a lot of magic can happen. My MA project has several areas. It is looking at immersive audio and creating immersion in live electronic experiences and it's looking at audio-reactive visuals and audio-reactive lighting and the combination of all of those."

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