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A collage image of six dBs graduates that featured in our panel, 'From education to the audio industry'
Mike SteventonJul 13, 2021 3:00:00 PM2 min read

[Video] From education to the audio industry

dBs Centre Manager Oliver Brand joins six of our graduates for an online panel and Q&A to share their experiences of transitioning from education to the audio industry. 

The beginning of a career nearly always starts with education and embarking on further or higher education can be an especially exciting and rewarding time. This point in the journey is often filled with questions like what will I do when I graduate? Or how can I progress from education into the audio industry?

At dBs Institute we get asked questions like this a lot particularly as there can be many different options after graduation. 

To answer those burning questions we arranged for six of our graduates to meet with the public via our online panel. They talked about their experiences and shared some insight into making a career out of a passion for sound and music. 

The graduates:

dBs. Graduates

From techno to TV our graduates have found their way into and excelled in many areas of the music industry. We selected alumni with a diverse range of skills to talk at the panel. From left to right in the photo above we heard from:

Jack Hale

Like many who work in sound, Jack has multiple strings to his bow with him being bassist and pianist for the band Haunt the Woods alongside working for music software supplier Time + Space. 

Emily Morley

Emily has found a home working in sync having had pieces signed to BBC Introducing and commissioned for academic showreels.

Aaliyah Jade-Brown

Music therapy is Aaliyah's passion and the area she is currently working in. Aaliyah has also spent time specialising in music licensing and publishing.

Camila Milieme (The Lady Machine)

Camila is an internationally recognised DJ and producer who is signed to the prestigious Triangle Agency in Berlin.

Tom Edwards

An audio post production specialist who has worked on projects for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Netflix, Discovery and Fox, Tom is a Pro-Tools expert who currently runs his own post production business - Wind Whistle Studios.

Harvey Jones (El Choop)

Harvey has firmly cemented himself in the electronic music scene with his own unique and critically acclaimed blend of techno-infused drum and bass.

Catch up on the full panel including a Q&A session from the people who attended via the video below.

Watch the full video


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