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Lee House gives his pro tips for recording and mixing vocals featured image
dBs InstituteNov 10, 2023 2:44:30 PM1 min read

VIDEO: Lee House gives his pro tips for recording and mixing vocals

Lee House, a recording and mixing engineer based in Cardiff, spoke to our students to give his top tips for recording, mixing and processing vocals. Check it out here.

Lee House, a professional studio engineer and music producer spoke to our students recently to explain the process of recording and mixing vocals. Here, he gives some top tips on what you need to do before recording vocals to get the very best results.

Here, Lee provides a pro tip for recording vocals - always try to record full takes when working with vocalists to ensure there is variety and dynamism in the track.

In this part of his Learn From The Pros Masterclass, Lee explains how he uses saturation, EQ, de-essing and multiband compression when he's mixing vocals in a track. 

Recording and mixing harmonies is not a simple process so, in this part of his lecture, Lee provided some professional tips for recording and mixing vocal harmonies with singers.

Compression is such an important part of making vocals 'pop'. In this part of our producer tips video with Lee House, he talks through his top tips for compressing vocals when mixing.

Once you have finished recording with a vocalist, you'll have to go through what you have and clean everything up so it's ready to be used. Not sure what to do? Lee House explains just that here.

Sometimes, there will be a few bum notes that you might need to clean up from a take, and Melodyne is a great tool for re-tuning without getting a synthetic, auto-tuned sound. Find out how to use Melodyne here.

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