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Louise Andrew explains how to become a game artist featured image
dBs InstituteOct 11, 2023 4:02:45 PM1 min read

VIDEO: Louise Andrew explains how to become a game artist

Louise Andrew, Head of Art at d3t, spoke to students at the dBs Institute's Manchester campus to explain what it's like being a game artist and what they need to do to forge a career in the industry.

Louise Andrew, who is Head of Art at the award-winning game development studio d3t Ltd, joined us to talk about her experience as a games artist working in the industry and the advice she would give to young people trying to break in. In this part of her talk, she discussed the skills, qualifications and proficiencies that game studios look for in recent graduates of game art degrees. 

Creating a stunning portfolio is one of the most important things you can do to forge a career in the gaming industry - especially when it comes to game art! Here, Louise gives her top tips for building a winning game art portfolio to show off to employers.

Mastering software is a crucial part of making your way as a game artist. Here, Louise explains the range of software game artists use, how different 3D art software works and the essential software you need to know if you want to create high-quality 3D game art that will get you hired.

In this part of her talk, Louise explained some of the basic tips that can help you succeed as a game artist. From reaching out to others for feedback, constantly learning new techniques and focusing on what excites you, she explains the 7 things you can do right now to improve your skills.

From focusing on your portfolio to networking and practising persistence, Louise gives her 10 professional tips on landing that first paid job as a game artist in a studio.

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