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A video thumbnail featuring Sylvia Massy in her recording studio
Chris MackinJun 4, 2021 3:00:00 PM< 1 min read

VIDEO: Sylvia Massy Masterclass | Experimental Production Techniques

Sylvia Massy makes a much-belated return to dBs for a fascinating look at her unique approach to music production and sound engineering. 

Several years ago we had the honour of hosting Sylvia Massy for an online Q&A for our students here at dBs. A living legend in the world of music production, we were blown away by her candour and enthusiasm to share her experiences with the students, so you can image our elation when she said she'd come back again! 

Joining us from her brand new studio in Oregon, Sylvia treated our students to a fantastic Q&A session, which this time focussed on Sylvia's experimental production techniques and her passion to take recording outside of the studio.

In the session, Sylvia talks at length about her more adventurous production techniques, breaking into the industry, getting the most from your money when setting up a home studio, her favourite pieces of equipment and working with the likes of Prince, Taylor Hawkins and Johnny Cash.

Watch the full masterclass below. 


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