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A press photo of Thomas Webb
Chris MackinAug 23, 2021 3:00:00 PM< 1 min read

VIDEO: Thomas Webb on entrepreneurship and innovation in technology

In this month’s video masterclass, we’re joined by multidisciplinary artist Thomas Webb who shares his unbelievable story; one that showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and the relentless work ethic that has cemented him as one of the most exciting artists on the scene.

Tom Webb has done it all. Hacker, accomplished magician, video game designer, AI artist; these are just some of the incredible things that Tom has accomplished. Though he possesses an unimaginable amount of talent and drive, Tom’s success did not happen overnight. 

In this very honest and engrossing masterclass, Tom charts his creative journey from his first forays in business to becoming an artist with exhibitions across the globe. He also delves into his approach for retaining creative focus, the importance of creating for yourself and why being human is ultimately the secret of success.

Watch the full masterclass below. 


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