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VIDEO- Advanced Comping in Live 11 with Ableton Certified Trainer Chris Pratt featured image
Mike Steventon Jul 16, 2021 3:24:00 PM 1 min read

VIDEO: Advanced Comping in Live 11 with Ableton Certified Trainer Chris Pratt

The release of Live 11 has become one of the Ableton's most popular updates thanks to a wealth of useful new features. In this production tutorial, Ableton Certified Trainer and dBs tutor Chris Pratt puts the new comping feature through its paces, showing 3 ways to apply it to your music making.

Live 11 is a much welcomed and feature rich update introducing enhancements that will help producers add more feeling to their music, create new tones and textures, experiment with new devices, work better on stage and a whole lot more. 

Designed to help you create the perfect take, 'Comping' introduces multi-take recording and editing (comping) features that allow you to quickly pick the best parts of each recorded performance and rework them into new combinations, in a much faster way then previously possible. Comping works with audio and MIDI tracks and introduces some great new sound design approaches for working with samples too.

In this video Ableton Certified Trainer Chris Pratt , who teaches at our Plymouth campus, showcases the following comping techniques:

  • Comping recorded audio
  • Comping MIDI
  • Sound design using comping to edit existing material

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