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A screenshot of Valhalla Supermassive's user interface
dBs InstituteMay 20, 2020 8:00:00 AM1 min read

Free Software Friday - Valhalla Supermassive Reverb

Free Software Friday is our regular Friday feature here at the dBs blog. We dig the depths of the music production and media webosphere and discover what downloadable plugin freebies are worth double clicking each week.

With a name like Supermassive there's an expectation for something big and Valhalla DSP are pretty confident that you won't be disappointed. 

Created with the sole intention of taking delay and reverb one step further, Supermassive's sound is built on  a variety of feedback delay networks, with each able to last up to 2 seconds and tempo synced. Sporting a similar easy-to-use UI to Valhalla DSP's other plugins, you can then start experimenting. 

Featuring five banks of controls and 8 presets - Sagittarius was an instant hit! - taking your audio to new places is instantaneous. Hover your mouse below the 'mode' section of the UI and you'll get a brief, but clear description of what that mode will do to your sound and then you can alter that preset to your tastes, using the aforementioned controls. 

The Delay control can be configured using milliseconds, notes, dotted or triplets if you want to add some extra movement to your audio and the WARP control next to it can transform it from a slow fade in to a minutes long reverb. 

The possibilities with Supermassive are pretty limitless and can be applied to any style you're working on, so what are you waiting for?

It's available to download for free using the link below for both Windows and Mac. There is an issue with the download link which we experienced that Valhalla has noted on the page, you just need to click the link a few times and then it will download. 

Valhalla Supermassive

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