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Ben Chilton Masterclass (Featured Image)
Chris MackinMay 28, 2020 2:10:00 PM1 min read

VIDEO: Ben Chilton Masterclass | Sound design using modular synthesisers and hardware

As part of our Enhancement and Industry Week at the beginning of the year, sound designer and composer Ben Chilton demonstrated how modular synthesisers and hardware can open up a world of sonic potential.

Ben Chilton's love for creating weird and wonderful sounds is what has led to where he is today. After studying music at university, happenstance would lead him into the doors of Bristol's Elevator Sound, where whilst giving a detailed overview of an interface to a friend, he was overheard by the owner who offered him a job. 

His initial inexperience and lack of interest in synths was soon quelled while working at Elevator Sound, and he began to tumble down the modular rabbit hole. Fast-forward to today, and Ben is hard at work both in the shop and as a sound designer and composer.  

In his masterclass, that deep knowledge and appreciation for hardware comes through in the form of several insightful techniques to create unique sound design. Ben also removes the intimidation factor from the world of modular through a rundown of his setup and highlighting common issues to look out for when starting your modular journey. 

Elevator Sound
Ben Chilton interview

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